Monday, September 6, 2010

Party weekend in Chicago

Remember my friend Ali? She's my friend from elementary school who came to visit when I was in college and fell in love with one of Zac's friend. (Side note: I am the best match maker ever.) This weekend was her bachelorette party in Chicago, and we had a blast!

We started with lunch and then went to the Chicago History Museum (I know, we're wild). But they had this really cool exhibit on the history of wedding dresses, and seeing dresses from the past 300 years was really fun!

We weren't supposed to take pictures, but I snuck this one for you because it's just so cool. This wedding dress is made out of zippers. Like, you can literally unzip the entire thing into one long string of zippers. Fun!

After that exhibit we did a quick walk-through of the Children's Museum where we rode cool bikes

and made this super cool postcard that we emailed to ourselves:

After that, we walked back to the hotel and had a really fun wine tasting. The wine rep taught us how to swirl the wine around and smell it (even though we had no idea what we were smelling!).

Oh - and this was the view from our hotel:

Absolutely stunning!

We had dinner and went dancing, and our bachelorette was a dancing machine. As in, energizer bunny. That girl danced for 4 hours with only a 2 minute break to trade out her high heels for my flat shoes! 

It was so neat seeing some of my elementary school friends as a grown up. We had tons to catch up on and laugh about (like when we coded M&M colors with the boys in our class and if you ate a color, you liked that boy. Amazing). Can't wait for the wedding!

Last night we went to our neighbor's house to watch the Cincinnati Labor Day fireworks. Other cities do the 4th, but Cinci holds out for Labor Day.  This is the view from their deck:

(Sorry for the cell phone picture)

And the fireworks:

I love this neighborhood! I've got a week of 7 AM meetings every morning, so you may not hear from me for a few days. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


  1. Tara- how Perfect was it that the exhibit was wedding dresses? Thats awesome! I LOVE Chicago- have a lot of family up there. Take care!

  2. Looks like such fun. Are you from near Chicago? I guess I didn't remember that. I'm only a few hours away myself. =)


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