Saturday, September 18, 2010

About all this "grown-up" stuff

Over the past few months, it's hit me hard - I'm a grown-up. I don't know when it really started, and while it seems to have been gradual, lately it feels like it's hit me like an ice cream truck. That's my favorite analogy - because it's all good stuff but it still hurts!

Was it when we decided to get married? Sitting on the floor of my sewing room tonight, I'm looking around wondering if it has something to do with this house? Was it going back to school or something at work? Was it watching my sisters get older, or my friends start to move away?

                                                          When did I go from this... to this... to this?

All I know is that somehow, things are different. I walked up to my friend Katie's door today and thought, "Wow, her liriope are just goregous!" I'm decorating my house for the seasons, the way my mom does. I'm opting for clothes that are more practical and makeup that stays on all day. I'm noticing things that I never noticed before, like why you close the blinds when you're changing and it's dark outside. I want to know what cleaning product my friend Ashley uses to make her house smell so good.

When did we start talking about having kids like it will actually happen (relatively) soon? When did we hang paint samples on the living room wall to choose between fourteen shades of WHITE? When did we figure out there was more than one shade of white to begin with?

I'm totally freaked out, and at the same time, I feel more comfortable than I have ever been before. All I know is that this grown-up stuff is totally crazy.

And that I love it.


  1. I adored this post. It all stays just the way that you are describing, bw. It just goes in waves of crazy. ;)

  2. I have felt like that a lot too lately, especially with us moving so far away from our family and friends. I think if you can look around you and say hey, this is not exactly what I had planned, but I love my life, then its a good thing. Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks!

  3. Tara - I totally relate. It happens slowly, and quickly at the same time.

    And, what does your friend use to make her house smell so good? ;)

  4. You are the most adorable grown up ever! I'm still a grown up in training :) I will keep learning from you!

  5. This post hit home for me Tara because i just celebrated my 29th birthday and i thought those exact same thoughts..

    When and how did i become a grown up?

    Btw even though i dont know you that well i think you turned out just GREAT :)

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  6. I love this! I have been feeling like this a lot lately too. Even though I became a mommy over a year ago, life has all of a sudden seemed so "real." And I too, LOVE IT! I love knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be with the man I am meant to be with and being so comfortable and happy in this place and no longer thinking "I need more".

    Here's to growing up!!

  7. I'm still waiting for this day. It'll probably hit my kids first knowing me.

    Now, I'm off to download a Nickelback ringtone!

  8. Kim @ NewlyWoodwards I just put up my weekly cleaning post about what I use in my house!

    I also use Pledge Multi Surface cleaner in Rainshower scent! :)

  9. "Was it watching my sisters get older, or my friends start to move away?"

    This is even more amazing in the eyes of a parent, watching your children grow. Before they used to cry for milk and wet diapers, now they are moving away towards a life of their own.

    It also reminds me of me "moving away towards a life of my own"...

    This is a nice blog you have by the way. Keep it up.

    Linda Casey
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