Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

It’s been said that the heart of every home is the kitchen.  Day-to-day family life tends to happen there, so it is no secret that kitchen décor tends to evolve over time as families grow and change.  Click here to get started with a great kitchen makeover.

Picking a central theme
A theme?  In the kitchen?  Believe it.  Deciding on a kitchen theme is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to coordinate colors, accessories and décor; it also provides an ideal way to showcase creativity and personal style.  Kitchen themes can be guided by the existing look of the home (traditional, shabby chic, ultra-modern) or by cultural heritage (Italian, Mexican, Scandinavian).  Some homeowners choose a kitchen theme based on a favorite vacation spot, a favorite color or a single item like a great looking bowl or a treasured antique.

The importance of color
Using color in the kitchen can be tricky business. Consider carefully the color of wall paint, cabinets, and countertops, and the flooring; stick to neutral colors. Accessories in bold colors can then be incorporated (and changed out often) to give the room some pop.  For more adventurous homeowners, some of the most popular kitchen colors are yellow, gray, brown, red and the classic Tuscan palette (burgundy, gold, olive green).  Before committing to a color scheme, remember that the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house so colors should be tested out at various times of day.  Something that looks great in the early morning sunlight could be horrible under artificial lights after dark.

Flooring options
The first rule of kitchen flooring: It’s got to be easy to clean.  Those who have ever had to endure a carpeted kitchen floor (they’re out there) can certainly relate.  Vinyl, tile and linoleum are all pretty traditional kitchen flooring options, but homeowners should not feel limited by these choices.  It’s now possible to match flooring to the overall style of the space - reclaimed hardwood is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or vintage theme, glazed concrete looks very cool in an industrial kitchen, sustainable bamboo or cork is a great complement to an eco-conscious design.  And, of course, it’s possible to add a punch of color with a few strategically placed area rugs.

More tips and advice for decorating a kitchen
Try a liquid stainless steel finish, self-adhesive metal tiles or a faux steel film to give kitchen surfaces a modern look without the cost of purchasing new appliances.

Get creative with artwork. Collect interesting images from thrift stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, used calendars or vintage books.

Updating drawer and cabinet hardware is a quick and affordable way to make big changes in the look of a kitchen with very little effort.

Don’t underestimate the importance of window treatments in tying a kitchen theme together.

For a healthy dose of visual interest, consider displaying all those great gadgets, serving pieces, whimsical cookie cutters and other treasures that have been hiding in the cupboards.

Add small houseplants or a windowsill herb garden to bring some freshness into the kitchen

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  1. What great tips. What promoted tips to decorate a kitchen? Did your beautiful new table (has it arrived yet), made your kitchen feel left out?


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