Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lots for lunch!

I pack my lunch almost every day. You know I'm cheap, so I like that I save money when I pack my lunch, and I tend to eat healthier too.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new lunch box. You've probably seen it on Pinterest - it's called the Easy Lunch Box and I'm officially obsessed.

My order came with four containers and a cooler pack, which perfectly fits two coolers and an ice pack. I don't even put my lunch in the fridge - it just sits under my desk until lunch time and it's still perfectly cold. It was only $20, and it came with a bunch of stuff.

I think the best way to explain it to you is to let my past few weeks of lunches speak for themselves. I pack two containers every day - one is snacks / mini meals (usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and the other is my lunch.

Leftover calzone, carrot sticks, granola thin

Strawberries, pretzels, knock off goldfish that were disgusting

Leftover pork roast, smashed potatoes, fruit snacks

Carrot sticks, string cheese and triscuits, granola thins

Tortilla chips, avocado chicken salad, carrot sticks

English muffin pizza (for the toaster oven at work), carrot sticks, strawberries

Pretzels, weight watchers string cheese (it's yummy), dark chocolate almonds, grapes

Leftover tacos, fruit snacks, grapes

Pretzels, carrot sticks, apples with caramel

Buffalo chicken eggrolls with ranch (more on that later), caprese pasta salad, raw asparagus

I've never really liked the actual packing of my lunch, but it's fun to do it when you have little compartments to fill. They are deceivingly big - and will help you with portion size. The individual bags of baby carrots fit exactly into the mid-sized compartment, which means you can buy a big bag and portion accordingly. One serving of goldfish crackers fits perfectly into the small compartment.

This would be perfect for kids going to school, too, but I love it as a grown up going to work! I didn't get anything for writing this post -- I just seriously love the lunch box. You can visit their website if you want to get one for yourself!

Do you have any ideas for other things I can have in my lunch?


  1. I have these too and I love them! I love the compartments but sometimes I wish they were a little bigger and the biggest was a little smaller. I just need to customize my own (:

  2. Awesome! I there ever comes a time I can't go home for lunch, I will be looking for one of these!!

  3. I saw these and thought they were awesome.
    If only I still worked outside the home.
    I can only imagine these will be great when my kids are in school though!!!


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