Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Firmoo Sunglasses

A few weeks ago, Firmoo offered to send me a free pair of glasses or sunglasses to review. Awesome, right? Well - yes. Except I'm not as special as I thought. I'll explain that in just a minute.

Since I don't wear glasses anymore (yay!) I went for a pair of sunglasses. Ever since my Lasik surgery, I'm really picky about my sunglasses. Don't think that means I pay a lot for them - because you know I'm cheap. Actually, I'm picky because my eyes are sensitive to the sunlight and I really need sunglasses that actually block the sun.

Here's the pair I chose:

I was really pleasantly surprised -- I absolutely love them! I have a really narrow face and a lot of sunglasses just like giantly stupid on me. These are large enough to be fashionable but narrow enough that they fit my face well. The color is really pretty and unexpected, which is fun.

Aren't they pretty? Ordering them was incredibly easy, and they came really quickly. They included a lens cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a hardshell case. Wow.

I'm really impressed with the way they block out light, especially considering that when you're wearing them, they don't color the world in a strange way. I didn't edit this pictures at all, by the way. Sorry - next time I'll wear some lipstick.

So when I mentioned before that I wasn't as special as I thought, it's because you can all get a pair of free glasses too! New customers can get a pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses totally free!

According to Firmoo, "Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way is our ultimate goal, so we offer free eyewear including regular eyeglasses, bifocals, progressives, sunglasses, goggles, etc. for customers to try our quality products and service."

Boom. You won't be disappointed. Head over there right now and get your own pair!

*I was sent a free pair of glasses in exchange for writing this review, but all opinions are my own.*


  1. These glasse look awesome on you. And free? That works for me. And I love the necklace you're wearing.

  2. Tara,

    Those glasses are amazing! I happened upon your blog, and then I saw this post at the top. I've been lurking for days, actually. Anyway, I'm so happy you did this review because I never knew about the Firmoo site, and since my glasses are WAAAAYYYY in need of replacement, it's perfect!

    I'm seriously loving your blog. I'm starting a blog, as well. If you have a chance, I'd love for you to check it out. I'm always up for being critiqued, too.


    Oh, yes! I'm confused how to get the FREE glasses. Any tips?

    1. P.S...Sunglasses are my favorite accessory, and those look amazing on you!

  3. I got Firmoo glasses too but I chose an eyeglasses pair! Love your sunnies!!! *.* they fit you perfectly!!!

    CHECK OUT Firmoo post on my blog "NIGHT OUT GLASSES LOOK" and let me know if you like it!! <3 love, Francesca

    p.s If you want we can follow each other on the socials! Now I follow you on GFC! If you like follw me back please!! ;)


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