Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well ma'am....

Conversation from the other day:

Cashier at CVS: "Can I see your ID to buy this wine?"
Me: "Oh, you're sweet that you think I'm that young."
Cashier: "No offense ma'am, but you are also buying glitter nail polish, so I thought it was appropriate to ask."

Yes, I did buy glitter nail polish. It was in the sale bin for $1.99 and it looks like this:

 I'd say it was money well spent.


  1. wine and glitter nail polish sounds like a fun night to me.

    i think it's funny that he also thought you were old enough for him to call you "ma'am".


  2. Ha! I hate being called ma'am.

  3. I love glitter polish, lol. And so far my 14 yr. daughter isn't horrified that I wear it, so I'm good to go. I really like the Essie colors. And here in the South, ma'am is a sign of good manners!

  4. Ha ha ha ha!
    I needed a good giggle!
    Thanks for sharing this cute story!


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