Thursday, February 24, 2011

Budget Spreadsheet

I said I wasn't going to post, and here I am posting again right away!  But... there have been a lot of requests for this budget spreadsheet, so I wanted to share it!

We've been budgeting for about two months. We added not one dime to our savings account in all of 2010. In February, we saved $1600. And not because we're rich. It's because we were smarter about our money. I'm officially a budget convert.

I made this spreadsheet to track our budget, and wanted to share it for anyone who needs a jump start. Basically, if you change the categories on the first page, it will reflect on the monthly pages, and the dollar amount you set will go right into the monthly pages. On the monthly pages, if you zero out in a category it's green, if you overspend it turns red. The category column each month is set up with tabs so you can only choose from sections of your budget.

Yeah I know, I'm swanky. Hope it helps you get rich!

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