Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something blue!

I've been on the lookout for blue shoes to wear on my wedding day. I love the idea of wearing a funky color shoe, and since navy blue is the color running throughout the wedding, it seemed like a great personal touch.

I've been looking for blue shoes all over the place, but everything was either too bright, too light, too high or too trashy.  Then today,out of nowhere, I saw these beauties:

They are PERFECT!!!! High enough to be beautiful but still pretty comfortable. They won't make it all the way through dancing, but they'll definitely stay on through dinner. And... they come in a beautiful gold color that the bridesmaids can wear.

The best part? I snagged them for a sweet $39.99. Love it!!!

Now on to find something old, something new and something borrowed! 


  1. Was an awesome touch to your wedding dress! I LOVE those shoes and you could totally wear them with something else later. Great find.

  2. I love them! Great shoe! I am super excited for you!!!

  3. I love love love these shoes. I came so close to buying them in purple to go with my hood at graduation, but decided to go with boring practical heels I could also wear to work. Shoes I've worn exactly 0 times to work of course. - Anna

  4. Hi Tara,
    I love the blue shoe idea too. A dear friend of mine is a photographer and took an amazing photo shoes! {hearts}
    Had to share the link...


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