Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's rehearse, shall we?

Friday night we got all dolled up to practice for the real thing. We went to St. Anne's Church in Esky, where Ali's parents got married 30 years ago today... pretty cool!  The priest who married Ali's parents is the same priest who married Chris and Ali.

Matt and I are so good at practicing. We are available to participate in all of your special occasions. You can rent us just for the eye candy. We also walk the perfect wedding aisle speed.

Chris and Ali are pretty good at practicing too.

After the rehearsal, we went to the Escanaba Country Club for a Kentucky themed rehearsal dinner.

Chris's sister's mother-in-law embroidered all of these darling napkins. So cute!

Ali and her mom

Mandy getting cute with the groom

Chris and his mom.... any guesses where his smile comes from??

The adorable flower girl and ring bearer with a surprise guest - hey Maisey!

Chris talking about his friends

The boys get cute; we all start to cry.

Matt and Mandy

The good thing about everyone at the wedding being from out of town? The hotel bar is hopping!

With goofballs like these:

We had the practicing part down pat.... now what were we supposed to do on Saturday again? Oh right... that whole Chris and Ali getting married thing!

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  1. I'm totally going to rent you for some eye candy should I ever find someone worthy of my attention and time :p Too cute


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