Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 Years and Counting...

Four years ago, Zac and I had our first date. We went out to dinner, and when we said good night, I made sure to point out that I wasn't interested in a relationship so soon before graduation. He quickly agreed, saying he wasn't looking for anything serious, either. He convinced me to go on a second date, claiming that his parents had abandoned him on his birthday (which I later discovered was not true!) and fell off a bar stool trying to slip his arm around me.

Somewhere along the way, we fell for each other. Maybe it was a few weeks later when he called me from a bachelor party to ask if I would be his girlfriend  (still puzzled about that one). Maybe it was when he stood by my side during my college graduation (all 3 of them!) with a huge smile on his face. Maybe it was when we moved to Cincinnati, and had to support each other as we found a new community.  Maybe it was when we went to London, or Venice, or Munich or Paris. Maybe it was when I was so sick I lost my voice, and he had to call the doctor's office and pretend to be me.

We're not really anniversary people (as in, neither of us could remember the actual date of our first date, but we're pretty sure it was in the last week of October!), but 4 years seems like a pretty big accomplishment for two people who weren't looking for anything serious!

At a friend's wedding in December, 2006. It was on the way home from this wedding that I first pictured myself getting married... and heard the song on the radio I knew I wanted to dance to at my wedding.

Fun thing you don't know about Zac? His face looks like this more often than not!

Zac's birthday, November 2007.



Our first house.

If Zac read my blog, I'd tell him that it's been one heck of a ride. Who would have thought that 4 years later, we'd be almost dancing to that wedding song? 


  1. awww.... congrats on 4 years. That's wonderful.

    Ryan and I can't remember when we began dating. We think it was August. But we were in High School and that was just a blur. All is well 9 years later, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

  2. Love love love you : )

    This made me a little teary. Congrats to you and Zac! I hope everything in your chaotic world of planning is still exciting and fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the most precious blog I've ever read. Love to see you so happy -- Cora was wrong - you have given him your whole heart!! :) xoxo


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