Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Last weekend, we went to our friend's house for a party, and I brought these:

Well, not these exact ones. But... mine really did look just like this! I just didn't have cupcake holders that were this cute and all of my pictures of them made them look disgusting, so I borrowed this one from where I got the recipe.

They are cupcakes with unbaked cookie dough in the middle of them. They are literally heavy to pick-up. They are so delicious. And the icing tastes like cookie dough too!

They were super easy to make - I got the recipe here from, and I suggest you try it too! As Paula Dean always says, you just need "a little bit of butter..."


  1. Oh. My. God. Now I want to run to the kitchen and make these!

  2. Tara, I hope you like the rug! It is pretty soft, with it being that light of color, I figure I will have to replace it in a few years, but at least it was a good deal! I need to get a rug pad underneath, they say that makes it last longer! Can't wait to see how it looks in your bedroom!:)-Mandy

  3. Those look awesome! I've been on a baking frenzy now that the cooler weather has finally arrived. I'll try these out at work next week! I'm sure everyone will LOVE them!

  4. Oh.good.golly.
    Must.make.these. ;)


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