Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting Ahead of the Game

I'm stretched pretty thin these days. Working full time, going to grad school and planning a wedding has me more than a little bit overwhelmed. In order to maintain some semblance of balance, I'm trying to stay way ahead of things so that nothing throws a kink in my obsessive and crazy carefully crafted schedule.

I also have a point to prove to my mother.  She's been on my case for years  every once in awhile about how I sometimes put off doing really important stuff until the last minute. Like not calling her on her birthday this year until 9:00 PM, which she's lovingly only mentioned like, two or a hundred times. 

I love this post from Centsational Girl about preparing for the holidays. She has some great ideas - like creating an organized space to wrap and evaluating what holiday decorations you already have before buying new ones.

Well, everyone, I'm even one step ahead of that. Two days ago, I ordered my mother's Christmas present. (I'll hang on a second while you get back on your chair, Mom). I was browsing online and saw the most beautiful something, and thought, "Mom would love that." And then I thought, "So you should get it for her for Christmas. Like, today, like real grown-ups do." And I did.

Calm down! This isn't it! I just thought this was pretty too and that this post needed a picture. Source here.

And I feel great. Every time I think about it makes me happy, because she's going to get a gift she loves and I'm not going to have to stress about finding something that she'll like. Or pay extra to get it here in time for Christmas. Or settle for something that she'll like, instead of finding something that she'll love.

I am such a grown-up!

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