Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I WILL tow your car....

If you are an idiot and park in front of my driveway, your car will not be there when you get back. You have been warned, college students who live in my neighborhood...

You have more to lose in this battle than I do, people!


  1. ha! remember when we tried to get the people who parked in our driveway at Maxwell towed??

  2. Sad news about Maxwell--I think it's being foreclosed on. No one is living there and there are signs on two windows and the door. Sad, sad news, if it's true.

  3. I am with you ... you block my way out - you will get towed!

  4. They've gotta learn at some point. You're just teaching them an important lesson!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog through TipJunkie. This post reminded me of something that happened to my husband. He is a business man and met a client at a restaurant for a lunch meeting. After the meeting, we went out to his car and found someone had parked (Somewhat) in the spot next to him, but at such an angle, my hubs couldn't back out. He took a picture with his phone and went back into the restaurant. He went for table to table asking "Is this your car? No? Thank you!" until he found the guy. He made the older guy go out and move his car so he could back out. After he had done it, the old guy said "Is THAT parked nice enough for ya!?" all sarcastic, and my hubs said "Yes, thank you. Now you are parked between the lines."


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