Monday, February 27, 2012

So.... life is crazy.

I don't know what it is about 2012, but I think it's totally out of control. And not just for me -- it seems to be that way for most people. It's as if the high energy first few weeks of the year just never slowed down again. Being out of town at the beginning of the month didn't help... and now it's almost March!!

It doesn't help that I seem to be smack in the middle of a quarter life crisis. A friend of mine made me laugh the other day as she talked about her father's midlife crisis, but since he's so careful and anxious, she said he likely planned that crisis. Yep, that's me. Not exactly proud of it.

What I am proud of - and excited about - is the work I've been doing to work through it. I've been meeting with a wonderful mentor and friend, who is a certified Strengths coach. Sidenote: if you aren't familiar with the Strengthsfinder, buy it immediately. It is life changing.

Diane is helping me work through what comes next for me. I'm graduating in May, which seems like a great time to re-evaluate what's next for me and my family. I'm so happy at work, and am not planning on that changing, but I want to try to focus in on what makes me happiest and plays to my strengths.

If you're interested in learning more about the Strengthsfinder, I'm happy to fill you and use myself and my darling husband as examples. The good news is that I managed to do a lot of sewing this weekend. I'll have pictures once the products get to their recipients later this week!

Is anyone else having a crazy start to 2012, or is it just me??


  1. Yep, 2012 has been...chaotic is a nice word. My youngest is finally being tested for Aspergers, which we have suspected for over a year, but had to get a referral to have him tested. He's been suspended from school multiple times and he's only 8 years old. :( At least now we can get him the help he needs. Lots of other stuff to add to the overall chaos of life, but that's our big one! I'm glad you found something to help you work through your stress! :)

  2. Crazy doesn't even seem to be the right word for everything going on here.
    I just realized I never got a good picture of Bitsy wearing the ADORABLE hat you made her and of course now it's just a smidge to tight.
    I am so sorry!
    Where has the time gone since Christmas?
    I can't wait to see pictures of all the goodies you made!


  3. Love Strengthsfinder - I had the opportunity to use it a lot in my MBA program.

    And, 2012 is crazy. Although I think that every year has been crazy. Maybe it's just me. ;)


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