Friday, March 12, 2010

This is the year they're going to win it all!!

Last night we had a C-Change (Class 4 Forever!) Alumni event at Great American Ballpark.  We got to hear from the COO of the Reds about some of the changes they've been making to the "business of baseball," and then took a tour of the ball park.  If there is one thing that C-Change Class 4 likes to do, it's go on guided tours.

If you look really closely, you can tell that this is the field.  Someday I'll get a better camera.

Khoa and I rocking our really fabulous (read: FREE) Reds hats in a killer shade of old-man beige.

Tracy hanging out in the dugout - all of this is probably cooler when it isn't dark outside.

Tricia found a bat! Word to tour guides everywhere: If you do not specifically tell us not to touch, we will touch. EVERYTHING.

Except these ghetto fabulous sunglasses that have been there for almost a year.  Those, we will leave alone.

The batting cages are pretty cool - file this under "amenities the Reds don't deserve until they win" in my opinion.

Myron rocking again, because again, no one told us not to touch things.

Bummer that the door was locked.

I LOVE this city!!!!

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