Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching up!

Had a pretty busy but totally uneventful weekend.  Friday, Zac played in an indoor soccer league and I caught up on weeks of DVR'd shows with no cliffhangers or commercials.  If that's not an exciting Friday night, what is??

Saturday I went to Dayton to get my haircut and visit with my parents.  The highlight of my visit there was my mom making her grocery list.  She wrote down the word "cottage" then turned and looked at me.  She said, "That's lingo for cottage cheese. Did you know that?"  Wow, Mom, wow.

Sunday we took all of the Leaders and Scholars from our program to the Symphony.  They were so great - but I think they deserve a baseball game for their next field trip!

Tonight we went up to Monroe to visit our friends Shannon and Nick and their two adorable kids, Max and Avery. They are some of our most favorite friends, and we love inviting ourselves to their house for dinner.  Bonus, we get to play with their really cute kids while we're at it!

We're gearing up for our T-10 days until moving countdown.  Not sure where anything else can be squeezed into the next two weeks, though I assume we'll certainly try.

AND... it will all be worth it, because in just 10 days, we'll call this place home!

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