Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Wonderful Anniversary Present

Our first anniversary was a bit of a bust this year. I've been fighting some sort of bug for the past few days and wasn't up for going out to dinner. I am glad, however, that I had a wonderful husband to take care of me!

Zac gave me the most thoughtful, sweetest anniversary gift -- my wedding bouquet! I couldn't believe it. He called the florist who did our wedding flowers and had her re-create it. So wonderful!

Here's to many, many, many more years of tulips every April 9th!


  1. How thoughtful?! What a great guy!

  2. If it makes you feel any better we didn't do much at all this year. The budget is so tight and Bud has been working random shifts lately to learn his new job that there wasn't really any time.
    He did, however, bring me Krispy Kreme donuts (chocolate favorite) and a card with a Giant Almond Hershey bar....he used to bring me Almond Hershey bars all the time when I was working and he was driving by. Sometimes it's just focusing on the little a recreated bridal bouquet that make the day special! I have big plans for our 15 year anniversary. I figure that by then I'll be done having babies...the youngest will hopefully be around 2 and that'll mean it'll be safe to drop them off at a family members for about a week so that Bud & I can go on a cruise or to a resort!
    We did decide that we would do something a little extra nice when we go to Austin next like I said, the little things are the things that keep a marriage happy!

    Happy Anniversary again and I hope you feel better soon!

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