Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dressing for Beth

My sweet baby younger sister is graduating from college at the beginning of June. I just don't feel like I am old enough to have my youngest sister be a real life grown-up! Mom and Dad, I can't imagine how you're feeling. Yikes!

Beth attends Ohio University where she studies fashion merchandising. She would love to be a buyer for a department store, and she'd be so good it. She is the most fashionable person I know, but she isn't so crazy that you can't steal parts of her style. Though usually I don't start wearing trends she does until a few years later.

Did you know that high wasted pants are back in style right now?? WHY?? I don't love low-rise either, but high wasted pants highlight everything about my stomach I don't want people to notice. I'm going on record today that I think it's crazy. Bets on how soon I'll buy a pair?? This is exactly what I said about leggings...

Isn't she gorgeous? Sigh. She's also got about 5 inches on me...

Enough about how great my sister is. The real reason I'm writing this post is because I have no idea what to wear for her graduation. This seems like a great excuse for getting a new dress, but there's extra pressure to be super cute so her fashiony friends think I'm awesome. What? I'm the only one who thinks about stuff like that? I don't believe you.

I'm turning to my wonderful blog friends for support. Here are some dress options I've been drooling over online -- any opinions to share??

Striped dress from Anthropologie. Definitely fun for summer.

Lace dress from Banana. I could wear it with my rehearsal dinner shoes, but I would have to do about 6,000 lunges between now and June. And it might be too short, though the sleeves do balance that.

I think this might be my favorite. Aren't the bikes cool yet unexpected? This is from Eshatki.com, which personalizes the fit. Extra perk.

I can't decide if this is adorable or old-lady-ish. Thoughts? Also from Eshatki.

I think I'm leaning toward something more fun than basic, mostly because a lot of my other clothes seem basic. Are there places that I'm forgetting to look or other dresses you've seen lately? I need some fashion advice!


  1. Congrats to your sister! As I watch Fashion Star each week, I pretend I'm one of the department store buyers and select which pieces I'd buy (:

    I love the Anthro dress and the green with bicycles. They're all really cute though!

  2. I also vote for the green dress. I think it's super cute!

  3. I adore the green dress!! It's be so cute on you :)

  4. I LOVE the green dress! So fun!


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