Thursday, December 8, 2011

A very OSU Baby Shower

I mentioned here that we threw an Ohio State themed baby shower for Erika, which was tough for someone like me who is most definitely NOT an Ohio State fan! In fact, as I was making Erika's gift, the following conversation actually happened:

Zac: "Mark and Erika are Ohio State fans?"
Me: "Yes, you know that. Erika is from Columbus."
Zac: "That sucks. I really like them."
Me: "You know we can still be friends with them, right?"

Sheesh. Boys are crazy.

I forgot my camera for the shower (must have been everything else I was packing to take with me!) but I stole some pictures from my friend Whitney to show you the spread. We went with a strictly desserts shower.

Another Pinterest inspired craft, these sweet streamers  were easy to make and were oh so cute.

I just noticed my face in the background. What am I crazy surprised about?? I guess it will remain one of the world's great mysteries.

A picture of the spread. Mini fruit pizzas on sugar cookies (thanks, Pinterest!), buckeyes, and red velvet cupcakes.

Strawberries filled with cheesecake filling and dipped in graham crackers. They were really yummy, but would be better in the summer when strawberries are sweeter.

Whitney brought these cookies. Aren't they adorable??

And what Ohio State shower would be complete without buckeyes as favors? I ate about 30 over the next week. So bad, but oh so good.

Us with the sweet mama to be:


I made this appliqued onesie and bib to fit the theme.



The onesie was inspired by Pinterest (shocking, I know), and is just simple applique. It was a quick project because the letters don't have a lot of curves! For the bib, I traced a bib I had (that I keep for tracing, not because I have random bibs placed throughout my house) onto white terrycloth, appliqued the shapes on the front, and then made binding and finished it like a quilt. Which was a huge mistake because it took forever and I had to do most of it by hand. This is definitely where bias tape would be helpful in the future. The closure is just sew on white velcro.

It took everything in me not to add ruffles to the legs of that onesie, because of course, I've known this baby was a girl from the very beginning.  And guess what?

Sweet Anna Lee Robbe was born on December 1st. I should have added those ruffles!!

She is unbelievably sweet. What a pretty baby. I wanted to make sure she had something pink, so I made her this hat using this awesome free pattern. I have been hooked on crocheting lately. This hat took about two hours - it was super fast and turned out so cute! 

Congrats Mark and Erika on having the sweetest little girl. They had to pry her out of my arms. And I've already made her two more hats. I need to get a life. Or work on getting my husband ready for babies of our own?

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  1. What a precious little bundle!
    She really is adorable!
    I love the hat...that's it you must move closer and teach me to crochet.
    I can knit, but honestly I can only knit & pearl and make simple scarves. I'm a bit behind the power curve..and I totally need to learn to crochet hats for my baby girl.
    It's going to be cold soon haha.
    P.S. I say you "borrow" the onesie back and add those ruffles!!!


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