Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm not a MAC, but...

I am most definitely not a Mac. I still use a PC both at home and work, and I think Mac computers seem more complicated. I know once you make the switch, no one ever looks back, but I'm still happy with my PCs.

Last weekend, my phone started acting up. Since I had an upgrade available on my plan, I thought I'd spring for a new phone. And if you're going to spring, you may as well go all out right? This was my "I got a raise at work - Yay!" present. And Zac claims my Christmas present too, which is probably true.

Here's my pretty new phone:

It's an iPhone. The cool one where you can talk to Siri like the commercials. And it took me all of 30 seconds to declare I was totally in love with it.

Let me back track to Thanksgiving weekend, when both of my sisters, my cousin, and my aunt all had new iPhones. When we were going to bed that night I asked Zac if he was having a nice holiday. He said, "Yeah, it's super fun watching everyone obsess over their new iPhones." It was totally an iPhone Thanksgiving at my mom's house.

And now I see what the fuss is about. It's way faster to ask Siri to turn on my alarm or add an appointment to my calendar or remind me to do something than it is for me to do it myself. And it's fun to ask her funny questions!

The phone is so fast, it always works (which my old one didn't), and I'm constantly discovering new things I can do with it.

If you have an iPhone, check out this list of super secret features you might not know about. I learned a few cool tricks!

So -- I'm NOT a Mac, but I'm definitely an iPhone! Anyone else have this new phone? Do you love it too, or are you avoiding this crazy technology?

P.S. Apple (definitely) didn't give me anything for writing this. I paid a crap ton of money for this phone. I just like it and wanted to let you know that it's great in case you're on the fence about upgrading!

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