Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do I do with this cool thing?

I won't lie - one of the most fun parts about getting married are the wonderful, generous gifts we've received from our friends and family.  The kitchen stuff has been especially fun... new gadgets that make cooking so much easier and so much more fun. It's amazing the difference that nice cookie sheets make when you're baking!

For the new gadgets that we've never used before, like our rice cooker, we've been making an effort to learn how to use them. (Side note: if you don't have a rice cooker, get one. It's awesome!). But this one has me stumped:

I know everyone who has an immersion blender loves it - which is why we wanted one. But what do you do with it?? I'm so excited to use it, but I need some ideas for what it's best for. Any suggestions?


  1. Milkshakes. Lots and lots of milkshakes.

  2. You see a rice cooker as a useful tool, but you can't see a use for a stick blender?

    Milkshakes and smoothies are good. Tomato sauce for pasta is better. Anything you want to blend, but it's still hot in a pot or pan are perfect. Lentil soup, split-pea soup, probably good for sauces, too.

    You can probably pitch that attachment - the blender is what you want.

    If you don't like it, send it to me. I used ours so much I broke it.

  3. SOUP! You can blend in the same pot you cook it in plus you have more control over how "blended" it is!

  4. I use it to make salsa! I put 1 big can of diced tomatoes and 2 fresh jalapenos in a cup and blend, then dice one yellow onion and chop one bunch of cilantro, mix together with a little salt and pepper and viola, Fresh Salsa! So good!!

    Also, if you don't have a chop wizard, you need one! It makes dicing so quick and easy! Found at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond in the "As seen on TV" section.

    Happy Cooking!

  5. Hello baby food! In the meantime.. IDK, but I wish I had one :)

  6. Soup! Marinara Sauce! I need one.

    And, I'm totally needing a rice cooker.

  7. Yes, definitely soup for the blender. I like to just partially blend soups with it--that way you get a thicker, creamier soup yet it still retains some texture and recognizable ingredients.

    As for the rice cooker, it's THE BEST way to make oatmeal! Use the standard oatmeal recipe (2:1, water:oatmeal) and throw in whatever you like in your oatmeal. Raisins, nuts, fruit, cinnamon. It makes perfect oatmeal every single time, you don't have to watch it or stir it and you can leave it sitting there for ages and it won't dry up or burn. I use mine almost every day.


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