Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Update!

We're officially 11 days away from the wedding, and I cannot wait!! We are almost ready... the seating chart is done, escort cards are started, programs and menus just need to be printed, pick the dress up on Saturday. We need to get a marriage license, and write our vows, and I think that's about it!!

This has been a crazy seven months. At times it still doesn't seem like the wedding will ever get here. I'm looking forward to that weekend so much! I'm also so excited about the honeymoon, and so excited to just come home and be married. We have so many wonderful wedding gifts to put to use, so when we get home, we're having parties!

I don't think I'll be too sad to have this behind us. Planning a big wedding is stressful, and I'm looking forward to just enjoying our life together, working on our house projects, and having things calm down a bit.

Any last minute advice for us as we prepare to walk down the aisle??


  1. yep... ENJOY the moments! :)

  2. Keep in mind that the wedding is just a day (albeit full of excitement and memories!) but a marriage is a LIFETIME! Be sure to nurture it, respect it and fill it with excitement and happy memories as well. ENJOY!!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Try to soak up every moment!

  4. Just remember if something doesn't go as planned the only person who will know is you. Everyone else will assume that was how it was supposed to be! Enjoy your day and I'm so so so excited for you!


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