Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This post is brought to you by the letter N.

Isn't that from Sesame Street? It's what went through my head the whole time I was making this letter!

We have a fireplace in our living room, which is great. It's the mantle from you know where, which is not great. I know no one ever believes me, but it's awful.

Here it is empty:

Those columns are the death of me. I painted them to blend in with the wall, but they're always in the way. Putting things on them makes them too high, but if you just decorate the inside of the mantle, it's too narrow. Oh the problems I have.

As a reminder, this is what I did for Christmas:


I think it worked to be crazy overdecorated at a time of the year that you crazy over decorate things, but for every day? I'm not so sure.

I gave you a sneak peak above, but the only permanent additions we have so far are the mirror and the yarn letter "N."

Note to self: immediately take a photography class. I found these daisies at Michael's a few weeks ago, and I thought they were worth a shot to add to the mantle. I don't usually love fake flowers, but these are big enough that they don't look like I'm pretending fake flowers look real. This is what you would see as you walked in our front door.

I swear it doesn't look this cluttered in person. Yikes. They do add a fun pop of color though, right? Although like my living room needs any more pops of color. It's borderline over the rainbow at this point.

Aww. Aren't they pretty? Maybe I just need twenty more daisies??

So here's where I need your help. I still hate the mantle. I still think it looks empty and boring and un-inviting. I still think it needs other things. But I don't know what.

Here's a straight on shot so you can get an idea. And give me ideas!

What else do you think it needs??


  1. Wow, I think that looks great! Will you come help me decorate our apartment? ;)

  2. What if you could paint a piece of art or find a piece of art that would span the width of the fireplace? You could hang it above the columns and then fill some smaller pictures in the crook? I like the flowers and the mirror and the N though!!!

  3. I like how you decorate but have you ever thought about busting those two columns down? Are the bricks actually protruding from inside the wall or do they stop at the walls edge? Would require a little spackle and a re-paint but would give you the nice broad mantel you want. Zac knows how to use a sledge hammer, right?? :)

  4. I think if you added a board across the top connecting the two columns,, then add crown molding to the front edge it would give the 2 columns purpose. By adding the crown molding to the front edge of the board, that would make it look classier. Well, that's what I'd do if I had tat problem...


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