Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ohmigosh it's May

So, it's May. Um... when did that happen?? Because I'm pretty sure Christmas was last week. 

May feels like the true beginning of a new season to me. Sprimmer? Suming? Maybe it's because my birthday is just around the corner, but I've always loved May. The weather turns nice, the days feel so much longer. I just love it!

I thought I'd do a quick goals check-in to see what my progress has been so far. Honestly, with how much stuff I had going on for school, I'll be happy if I just didn't move backwards....

1. Try to "have it all," but don't go crazy when I can't. 
The end of school is the most amazing gift for this resolution. Truly, it's given me back time that I can use in this area. I can spend more time volunteering, I can be that person who brings dinner when a friend has a baby, and I can host a Mother's Day brunch for our moms in a few weeks. Yay!

2. Schedule a monthly date night. 
I'm going to count the seven dinners we ate on vacation as seven date nights. I'm such an overachiever.

3. Stick to an exercise routine. 
Yeah, April wasn't really our month here. It's been about three weeks since we've regularly been running. I was sick just after Easter, got swamped with finishing school, and made the most half-hearted effort you've ever seen to run on vacation. May should bring this back for us. Derbs and I both need it!

4. Make enough time for my hobbies. 
Vacations are so awesome. As in, I read six books while we were there, awesome! I also somehow finished a quilt during my last week of school. 

My new goal is to enjoy my sewing time!

5. Stick with our budget. 
Still on track!

6. Stay present. 
This is a constant struggle for me, and I even had trouble with it on vacation. I get antsy, and feel like I should be doing something. But that's not always the case - sometimes I should just be sitting on the beach enjoying sitting on the beach. 

7. Stay organized. 
I went crazy on some closets over the weekend and we have big spring cleaning / house project plans ahead of us in the next few months. Now I just have to keep up my energy to do it all!

8. Take a vacation
It's over. So sad. When can we go again?

9. Stick with my blog
Here I'm just happy with posting at all! Sorry if the posts haven't been super exciting, but they should get better now that I have some more crafting time.

So there you go... what's new with you?

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  1. We've got the vacation thing covered next month. We're flying up to OR for my little brother's wedding. I'm very excited, I haven't seen my family in at least 3 years (since we moved to TX) and this is going to turn into a HUGE family thing with everyone from CA coming up too. I'm so excited!

    Then there's going to see The Avengers tomorrow. As a family of 6, we rarely go to the theater to see a movie when it's released (may have something to do with the $60 in tickets we purchased for the first matinee of the day!) so it is indeed a treat

    And then there's the new car I've been shopping for for me.... :)


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