Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I got my sewing machine as a Christmas gift from my parents almost 6 years ago. It is WAY nicer than I deserve, especially at the time when I didn't use it that often. They got it like a car at a super sale where it was the last one of last year's models... and I adore it.

One of the best parts is that it is also an embroidery machine. Using a special software on my computer, I can embroider a lot of stuff with monograms, names, flowers, etc.

I have a love-hate relationship with the embroidery part. I love that my machine can do it... I hate that sometimes it doesn't do it very well. Yes, most of this is likely user error, but I also feel like it's a crap shoot whether or not my final product will turn out well.

This time, I lucked out. I offered to embroider towels for my friend Alessa to give her bridesmaids as a gift. And then I immediately started worrying I would screw them up and kicking myself for volunteering to do it. But... against all odds, they really turned out wonderfully!

Towels usually do well in the embroidery machine, because they're big, flat, and the terrycloth is a fairly simple material for it to handle. 

So... after this, I'm officially on-again with my embroidery machine!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Derby goes to school!

Derby is a fantastic puppy. I mean, really, as far as puppies go, he's awesome. He is pretty well behaved, he's really sweet, and he's fantastic with kids and new people.

Sometimes though, he drives me crazy. And a few weeks ago, we had a few of those days in a row. I decided it was time for Derby to start puppy training, and we signed him up for a class at PetSmart.

The class was...okay. The trainer was good, but the training space was small and some of the other "puppy parents" in the class were more focused on complaining about their dogs than on working to improve their behavior.

So, in what has been a Bonistall tradition since the beginning of time, I had to snap his first day of school picture. 

Well, since I'm in it, I guess Zac snapped it. But isn't he just the cutest thing ever??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forgot about this one!

I was downloading pictures from my camera last night and realized that I never showed you this! I was really into homemade gifts for Christmas last year, and used this fantastic tutorial to create this sweet little laptop case:

I made one for each of my sisters and one for one of my best friends. The best part is that by asking for their laptop dimensions ahead of time, they end up being a perfect fit!

I would estimate that each one took me a few hours to finish, with the first one taking way longer than the rest. I'm not very good at visualizing patterns, so I ripped out the zipper at least three times on the first one!

The sweet flower is a pin that can be taken off. 

What do you think? The possibilities with design are endless for this pattern, and you could do it without a ruffle to make it more simple or guy-ish.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I've been avoiding you.

It's not personal. Really, it's not. It's just that I don't have a lot to write about. Don't get me wrong... I have a ton of stuff going on, but none of it is really "write about it" worthy.

To illustrate my point:

  1. I had no idea how exhausting having a puppy was going to be. He is nonstop. He's adorable, but he's adorable wanting to play with you 24/7. And we're taking him to puppy school which means we spend a lot of time practicing what we learn at puppy school. More exhaustion. And I don't want the only thing I do on this blog to be post pictures of the puppy!
  2. I just got a promotion at work! Good, I know, but it means more responsibility and more stress! Cue additional exhaustion.
  3. The only things I've been sewing are gifts, and I can't show them to you yet! Know that I'm not just a bump on a log, I am making things, but they are secret things!
  4. I start a 20 hour / week internship for my MSW program next week. In addition to my full-time job. And whatever other "life" I'm going to piece together! The most exhaustion is from even thinking about this.
Don't worry, I'm not leaving forever. In fact, I might not be leaving at all. I just don't want to feel guilty when I don't update. I'll do it as much as I can - I promise.

To hold you over until next time...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Yum - Corn Salad

When I came across this recipe from Tatertots and Jello last week, I couldn't wait to try it. It looked so light and refreshing, not to mention delicious!

The best part is that it's made with ingredients you're likely to have already on hand in the summer time. I used fresh corn, and it was extra delicious.

We made it on Saturday night as a side dish for our shrip tacos. This salad definitely has a mexican taste to it, but it is definitely delicious!

As we were eating it, we actually ended up adding it to our tacos as part of the filling, and it was awesome. It is also great as a sort of salsa with tortilla chips. 

We will definitely be making this one again, and I thought you might want to try it too!

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