Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I got my sewing machine as a Christmas gift from my parents almost 6 years ago. It is WAY nicer than I deserve, especially at the time when I didn't use it that often. They got it like a car at a super sale where it was the last one of last year's models... and I adore it.

One of the best parts is that it is also an embroidery machine. Using a special software on my computer, I can embroider a lot of stuff with monograms, names, flowers, etc.

I have a love-hate relationship with the embroidery part. I love that my machine can do it... I hate that sometimes it doesn't do it very well. Yes, most of this is likely user error, but I also feel like it's a crap shoot whether or not my final product will turn out well.

This time, I lucked out. I offered to embroider towels for my friend Alessa to give her bridesmaids as a gift. And then I immediately started worrying I would screw them up and kicking myself for volunteering to do it. But... against all odds, they really turned out wonderfully!

Towels usually do well in the embroidery machine, because they're big, flat, and the terrycloth is a fairly simple material for it to handle. 

So... after this, I'm officially on-again with my embroidery machine!


  1. I think everyone who has ever machine embroidered can share your sentiments, it can be totally frustrating at times!!

  2. Awesomeness!
    These look fantastic.
    I want a sewing machine that is also an embroidery machine myself!
    But that'll definitely be a few years before that happens!


  3. The towels look awesome! I rarely use the embroidery part of my machine bc i have the same problem. (ps. I'm having an impossible time commenting on your blog for the past few months. Everytime I try to comment, blogger logs me out and won't let me back in. I can only comment on my phone. If you could add open URL as a comment option, I promise ill be a better commenting friend.)


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