Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forgot about this one!

I was downloading pictures from my camera last night and realized that I never showed you this! I was really into homemade gifts for Christmas last year, and used this fantastic tutorial to create this sweet little laptop case:

I made one for each of my sisters and one for one of my best friends. The best part is that by asking for their laptop dimensions ahead of time, they end up being a perfect fit!

I would estimate that each one took me a few hours to finish, with the first one taking way longer than the rest. I'm not very good at visualizing patterns, so I ripped out the zipper at least three times on the first one!

The sweet flower is a pin that can be taken off. 

What do you think? The possibilities with design are endless for this pattern, and you could do it without a ruffle to make it more simple or guy-ish.


  1. Super cute!! Definitely adding these to my 'things to sew' pile! Great for anyone who doesn't have a mainstream laptop too, since a perfect fit is near impossible to find.

  2. I think I'll make one for my iPad as well - too cute! Can't wait for my sewing machine to get here.

  3. Super cute! You are so talented. I'm a fellow Epsilon AGD and I found you on the AGD blogger site. I just read about your Lasik (I had to skip the gory details) and I'd love to have that done but I just don't think I could handle it. I've had glasses since 5th grade, so you've got me beat. Those contacts sound awful!


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