Friday, August 26, 2011

Derby goes to school!

Derby is a fantastic puppy. I mean, really, as far as puppies go, he's awesome. He is pretty well behaved, he's really sweet, and he's fantastic with kids and new people.

Sometimes though, he drives me crazy. And a few weeks ago, we had a few of those days in a row. I decided it was time for Derby to start puppy training, and we signed him up for a class at PetSmart.

The class was...okay. The trainer was good, but the training space was small and some of the other "puppy parents" in the class were more focused on complaining about their dogs than on working to improve their behavior.

So, in what has been a Bonistall tradition since the beginning of time, I had to snap his first day of school picture. 

Well, since I'm in it, I guess Zac snapped it. But isn't he just the cutest thing ever??


  1. We took our Ollie to puppy preschool. It was great. We were blessed to have my best friend train him. She is the number 1 obedience trainer in Australia and has been in London working on celebrities dogs. She did an amazing job, I wish we kept up with the training as he loves to pull my washing off the line! His best trick is not eating his food until you say chow! He needs a lot more exercise than I'm giving him (poor Ollie, I feel guilty) it's hard to walk him with 2 kids under 3. He's a border collie and he's beautiful and loves the beach and camping.


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