Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knock Off Anthro Letters

Our decorating projects are always a compromise and collaboration. It usually starts with me having an idea, Zac throwing in his two cents, and then us settling on a design or idea that's a mix of both. It usually works out well for us, and we end up liking our compromise idea better than either original.

The cool thing about planning a bedroom remodel is that every night as we laid in bed we ended up brainstorming ideas. You might remember that our bedroom has two closets. One night, Zac suggested that we add some cool letters above the closets that said "his" and "hers." To be honest, I wasn't on board at first. No one goes into these closets but us, and we know whose is whose.

The idea started to grow on me, though. I looked up getting the metal letters from Antropologie.... but $18 a piece? Yikes. It was time to go all DIY on this project.

We started with these paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby. At $2.47 a pop, they were a steal. We went with the paper mache version because they were thicker and stand off from the wall a little bit, plus we liked the font. They had flatter wood letters also.

We took a gamble on the Krylon metallic spray paint - we weren't sure how it was actually going to look on the letters. The verdict? What else in my house can be spray painted metallic???

Beautiful, and not even close to finished. We did one coat on each letter and made sure to get the sides, but that's it. We went inside thinking it would need a second coat later, but when we saw this we knew we would be fine.

Isn't that spray paint amazing? It must have other uses in my house - anything that isn't as shiny metal as I want it to be!

We took the letters upstairs and attached them to the wall with poster gum. They are really light, and there wasn't a good way to use nails to hang them. I did have a flashback to being in 8th grade and using poster gum to hang N*SYNC posters on my walls. Oh, the memories.

Here's a close up of my letters. Can you tell they aren't metal? The light even reflects the way it would if they were really metal.

Zac's letters.

Here's a shot of them over my closet.... 

and over Zac's. I love the textured element the silver adds to our greyish/blue and white color scheme. They look fantastic, and they've been up for two weeks and haven't fallen down yet. You've gotta love that poster gum.

What do you think? Would you be fooled into thinking they are the real deal? And most importantly, what else can I spray with the metallic spray paint??

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  1. I love this! I actually have a huge W paper mache letter to hang over our bed, but I haven't done anything with it. I think that this may be the answer. Thanks for sharing. I think the his and hers idea is super cute! Great work and idea!

  2. Awesome!
    the toilet next.. it would look so futuristic HA!

  3. love it! cute idea! i've been thinking about buying some metallic spray paint for a while now...i'm thinking gold!

  4. Super super fantastic. I have his and her closets also - hmmmm . . . !
    stopping by from Someday Crafts!

  5. Wow I can't believe how well the spray paint worked on the paper mache, let alone without primer! Plus with them being 7 feet in the air you can't get close enough to tell. Now to come up with something in my house to attack with metallic paint!

  6. Beautiful!
    I have spray painted with metallic before too and I love it.
    These letters pop off your wall wonderfully!!

  7. Ok I am so in love with these!! I am totally stealing this idea:) Such a great idea to use the paper mache letters!

  8. This is AWESOME!!!! Love what you did!!! I love those Anthropologie letters too, but now I'll have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and pick some of theirs up!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! :o) I'm pinning this!

  9. Hi ! I saw you on Marvelously Messy... This is a wonderful idea. I love this, and they turned out very well. You can't even tell the difference. And for under $3 a letter, it's a great deal ! Thanks for sharing & I hope you don't mind if I follow you :)


  10. So glad Zac talked you into this. I love typography in a home and this just has a sassy fun edge to it. Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.

  11. Love the letters. They look fantastic!
    xoxo, T.

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at I Made It! Monday. Be sure and grab a featured button when you link up this week.


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