Monday, September 3, 2012

Status of my resolutions

Hi, friends. I know it's been a while. Sorry about that - life has seemed to be extra busy lately and I just haven't had the motivation to blog. Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully I'll be filling your google reader more often in the coming weeks. I do have some fun things to share with you!

I thought I'd get back on the horse with an update on my New Year's Resolutions. My friend Kim at Newly Woodwards sets her goals monthly, which I think is probably a better plan going forward. Seems to be less overwhelming!

Without further ado, here's my progress this year.

1. Try to "have it all," but don't go crazy when I can't. 
So this can probably be filed away under very large, gigantic, fail in some ways, though I guess in another sense it isn't as bad as I think it is. We sat down a few weeks ago and came up with a "five year plan" - basically identifying where we want to be in five years (twoish kids, new house, new cars) and working backwards to figure out what we need to do to get there. It made me feel more on track than I often think we are.

Another realization? A lot (and I mean most) of our friends are older than us, and I need to keep that in perspective.  We'll get there, too.

2. Schedule a monthly date night. 
We went to see Jim Gaffigan in August, and he was hilarious! We went for a yummy dinner beforehand and just plain had a blast. We need to do this more often!

3. Stick to an exercise routine. 
After a few months of slacking in the jogging department, I think I'm back on the horse. A re-adjustment of goals helped here to. I'm not 21 and I don't wear a bikini for a living, so it's okay if my body isn't bikini ready at all times. What matters is that I feel healthy, my clothes fit, and Derby gets some exercise too. A 30 minute jog a few times a week achieves that, and it works for me.

4. Make enough time for my hobbies. 
I've been making an effort to reserve books from the library as soon as I think of them (thanks, Cincinnati Library iPhone app!). When I have a book on my nightstand or coffee table, I read it. I tend to pick up "real" books more than Nook versions, so I need to solve that problem.

A re-arranged sewing room (details coming soon!) has helped me in the sewing department, though my Etsy orders take up more time than I was expecting. I just received some fun fabric that is going to turn into really special Christmas gifts for my sistas, so I have to get sewing!

5. Stick with our budget. 
Still on track -- and I just have to brag for one second because I'm so proud... we are just a few months away from getting a new car! 

6. Stay present. 
This one is basically out the window. Not proud of that.

7. Stay organized. 
I've been struggling with my calendars lately. I decided to make the switch away from a paper planner to just my online calendar, but now I can't figure out where to make to-do lists?? Home organization is consisting of lots of building projects.

8. Take a vacation
We took it. Happiness. It's over. Sad face. How long until we can go again?

9. Stick with my blog
Yeah, see the intro paragraph and cut me some slack, please! I still read all of your blogs every day, even when I'm not writing!

How are your new year's resolutions and 2012 goals going?

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