Thursday, October 27, 2011

Derby updates!

Derby is almost six months old, and it's hard to believe that we've had him for almost four of those months! He is the sweetest, loveliest, best puppy there ever was. And that means a lot from me because (don't hate me) - I don't actually like a lot of dogs. 

I know. I promise I have a soul. I just don't really love most dogs. Some of them scare me, some of them make me nervous, some of them gross me out. So yeah, why we got a dog is still sort of unknown.

But Derby isn't like all of those scary dogs. He's darling and sweet and loves his mom (that's me). And he has the sweetest freaking face I've ever seen in my whole life. And he's really good. And did I mention how much he loves me? (As I was typing this, he came and curled up on my feet. Love).

Remember when he was this big?

Yeah, he's growing. Get ready for picture overload of this puppy. I don't have babies yet, so you have to pretend you're interested. I won't do this often, I promise!

Just helping my mom fold the laundry.

Awesome that I got my bathing suit in focus, and my puppy slightly out of it.

Just looking out the window, being cute.

Up on the couch. Picture taken 2 seconds before getting in trouble.

Just taking a little rest.


Playing Words with Friends together! =)

How much longer do you think he'll fit on my lap??

Oh - and that whole why people love dogs thing? I get it now.


  1. I loved your post about your grandparents and Irene, but the puppy pictures stole my heart. I get it too. But still a cat person.

  2. Oh Tara! He is adorable!
    I am definitely a dog person so I'm happy to see you coming around :)
    Love him and train him and each day will get better and better!


  3. Your blog is eminently readable.:) ( Even though I judge you for not liking dogs! ;))

    Derby is A.Dorable!!!!


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