Friday, September 9, 2011

Merry Christmas... a little bit early!

Since my life has reached a new level of crazy lately, when I saw a Groupon for $50 at that only cost me $10, I jumped on it. Um, holiday cards for a ridiculous deal? YES PLEASE!

So, it's September 7, and my Christmas cards are already here. Not just ordered. In my sewing room, ready to be addressed! It helped that we had a wedding picture to use, which made it pretty easy to get them set up.

But... in case you were wondering, Vistaprint has some great card designs! I like the flat 5"x7" cards, and they have a ton of designs to choose from. There's a lot of personalizing you can do (more than other sites, I think), and the price can't be beat. With my Groupon, I spent a total of $17 on 100 cards. But really... $57 for 100 cards is MUCH cheaper than I paid last year from another site.

The quality is really excellent, and the cards look great. Would definitely recommend it for others. Only one piece of advice - Vistaprint orders sometimes take forever to arrive, so plan accordingly and order early!

Happy (early) holidays!

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  1. I have used Vista print for so many things it's not even funny!
    Love what they have to offer :)



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