Friday, December 23, 2011

What's Your Christmas Kindness?

Hopefully you've been adding some extra nice things to your list this year. I've been hearing a lot recently about the amazing things that people are doing for others this holiday season. Have you heard about the people paying off stranger's K-Mart layaway purchases? Such an inspiring story!

When my friend Alison heard the story on the news, she was sitting in her car with a flat tire, waiting for AAA to come change it. She was frustrated (I would have been too!) and running late. As she put it, "I sat in my car feeling grateful for having a car, being able to afford AAA, and for being able to afford Christmas gifts for my girls. So, late and behind in everything today, I went to Kmart and paid off layaway items for 2 families. My house is messy, the dog waited too long to go out,my husband is bringing take out for dinner, and I still need to pick up my repaired tire later tonight. It was worth it. I was going to keep this part of my day to myself, but maybe my flat tire will motivate one of you too."


Whoa. The coolest part? She posted this on Facebook and because of her post, at least 3 others went to K-Mart and did the exact same thing.

A few hours after I read this story, a friend of mine called needing some last minute help sponsoring some kids at the school where she works. I work with some of these kids as well, and I was eager to help! We supplied Christmas for one of the (small) families, and it felt wonderful. I didn't mind fighting the crowds and spending my Saturday running around to find what was on their wishlist. 

We went out to dinner with my family a few days ago, and my mom picked up the bill for a young couple next to her. She'll be mad at me for telling you, but it was such a cool thing to do that I'm telling you anyway! They were college kids and were really nice, and she did it as a Christmas Kindness. The sweet kids got her phone number from the restaurant staff (who had it for the reservation) and even called to say thank you one more time. That is super duper classy. 

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy made presents for homeless adults (bags with scarves, coffee gift cards, baked goods, gloves, handmade cards, and ponchos). She and her children walked around their downtown area and passed them out to whoever they came across. 

                                                 Image from Lindsey's post at the Pleated Poppy

This time of year, the possibilities for helping others are literally endless. I'm sharing these stories because hopefully they'll inspire you to do something for others this year, even if you haven't already. It is truly so much better to give than to receive. If you find yourself feeling extra blessed this time of year, I hope you'll fit in a last minute "for others" activity.

So what's your Christmas kindness? 

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  1. You've been extra nice!
    Thank you so much for Bitsy's hat.
    It arrived Friday right before we hit the road, talk about perfect timing.
    Oh and it fits great!
    A picture is sure to follow soon :)

    Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


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